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to help you get a high delivery rate for your emails with your own dedicated IP for sending emails – All in all you can Supercharge Your Email Marketing and Get More Profits Faster & Easier!

Dedicated IP for Best email delivery

We’ll send emails for you from an IP dedicated to YOU only. This means that NO bad user can put your deliverability down or mark you as spam.

A special IP will be created and dedicated for sending only your emails to protect you from IP blacklisting.

A properly maintained IP with an excellent reputation will be one of the best assets you can have as a sender. The better your reputation, the greater the likelihood of your emails reaching the inbox.


No hourly limit in your SMTP account

Ideally, every outgoing SMTP mail server is guided by a provider’s email policy which includes hourly and/or daily email send limits. This policy will ultimately determine how many emails you can send each day.

If you try to send more email than the hourly or daily email sending limits of your mail server, you will notice errors being returned after the specified quota is met, saying something along the lines of:

you have reached your daily sending quota…

If you surpass the daily SMTP email sending limits of your provider, you will generally have to wait 24 hours before you can send more email through that server.

Now no more waiting - We have removed that hourly limit from your account. You can send unlimited emails day and night from your SMTP. With the removal of this limit, you can now unlock more profits for yourself with mass mailing.


Advanced email template builder

Our advanced template builder is like a blank canvas that will enable you to design super creative emails from scratch.

You have already received 100 of these templates with your Sendprimo account, but when you upgrade, we’ll DOUBLE the entire set for you. This is a great feature to advertise to your target market. And circulating fresh new creative ideas will help in keeping you opt in rates consistent.

Also, there’s nothing extra for you to do to receive these templates. They’ll automatically be unlocked when you upgrade and sign-in to your account today.

Further, you can save unlimited templates and Engage Maximum Audience with Royalty Free Stock Images hosted for you.

So get started with your design process with one of our ready-to-go email
templates. You get..
Full featured editor
DFY 200 templates
Save unlimited templates
Hosted images
This upgrade is a must…
  • If getting your emails in the primary inbox is important to you;
  • If you want to save more time and make more money by using these DFY extra templates, hosted images with our powerful email editor.
  • If you wish to triple your profits by relaying large email campaigns without any hourly limit on SMTP.
In less than 2 minutes,
  • Save Yourself from spammers - ending up in spam folders, getting blacklisted.
  • Improve your deliverability, click-throughs, and open rates – end up directly in main inbox of your customers.
  • Improvise the potential of your email lists – when maximum people will open and read it. It will lead to higher sales as well.
  • Design and Publish Your Emails anywhere across the world & start getting more eyeballs & more customers glued to it...
That is the power of Sendprimo Max!
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You become unstoppable with removal of hourly limits on your SMTP and are ready to send emails anywhere anytime.
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Of course, our support team is always there to assist you in technical troubles to get you set up and running fast.

But in case you feel that it is not a fit for your business – which is an unlikely event we will issue a complete refund.

Now you have understood all the reasons for getting Sendprimo Max.

The impact of having your IP or domain on a blacklist can range from being a small annoyance to a complete showstopper for your email deliverability. Because deliverability is the primary concern for most email marketers, it’s important to understand what you can do as a sender to reduce your risk of being blacklisted and improve your email open rates.

Sendprimo Max is your go to solution for improving email deliverability with a dedicated IP address of your own.

So wait no more…And

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